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If you are out riding downtown singletrack, paddling downriver, hiking the trail, running your local loop, or hitting a stretch of the Cap trail, you’ll likely encounter representatives from Women’s Multisports of Richmond.  Founded by three good friends, Francine Rapp, Courtney Cotton and Lorene Davidson over 5 years ago, Women’s Multisports of Richmond (WMR) is a non-profit organization on a mission to empower women by teaching new skills, promoting fitness, and fostering lasting relationships.  Whether for social meetups or competitive events, these women thrive on adventure and being outdoors.  

WMR is recognized in the mountain biking community for their popular Tuesday night rides.  The weekly events take place at  locations throughout the Richmond area, hitting favorite stretches of local trail each week  from the James River Park System to Pocahontas State Park.  The rides are attended by women (and men) of all skill levels and appeal to riders of all abilities.  The supportive environment is ideal for an introduction to mountain biking, and optimal for continued skill building.

The WMR team is widely involved in mountain biking, but you will also find members running, swimming, paddling, hiking, and participating in events ranging from triathlons to adventure racing to yoga retreats and even tower racing. 

The members of WMR have found a community that not only dedicates itself to an active lifestyle, but in the process builds individual confidence levels and facilitates friendships. The teammates are inspired by each other and together the group celebrates each other’s successes and shares in each other’s struggles.  They encourage each other to try new challenges, push one another out of their comfort zones and even relish in getting a little dirty.

Lorene Davidson, the President of WMR, states, “I am most proud of the growth, both physically and mentally, of our teammates. By conquering obstacles in their sports they become stronger and more confident.”

In keeping with WMR’s fondness for wellness and movement, meetings routinely involve an active component- recent gatherings featured outdoor yoga, Tabata Training, and a group spin class.  New to the WMR schedule this spring is the addition of a Third Thursday paddling meetup. 

Additionally, Women’s Multisports of Richmond gives back to the community by supporting a local charity.  They host an annual scavenger hunt on bicycles called Cranksrising to benefit the Safe Harbor women’s shelter in Richmond.  To find out more about Women’s Multisports of Richmond and Cranksrising, visit our website at www.WomensMultisportsOfRichmond.org.

Come and join WMR for a Tuesday mountain bike ride or a Thursday evening paddle, and get to know the team and friends. We welcome new members and look forward to meeting you! To learn more about our upcoming events, please have a look at our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WomensMultisportsOfRichmond/

Happy trails,

Heather O’Keefe Coyne

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