Four Reasons Why Guided Mountain Bike Holidays Are So Awesome

An Awesome View on a Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Holiday

4 Reasons To Take A guided Mountain Bike Holiday

  I have taken many guided mountain bike holidays, not just in the United States but out of the country as well.  Some of my destinations have included Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Spain, Ireland, California, North Dakota, Florida and West Virginia.  I have tried out many different tour companies and done both mountain bike holidays as well as road bike holidays.  And I have to say without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the best way to explore new territories on a bike.  The tours have always been well organized with friendly, well trained guides and my experience has always been amazing.  Read on and you will find out my top 4 reasons why guided mountain bike holidays  make me smile. 

1. For me, there is nothing more frustrating than riding around in circles on trails in the woods looking for the correct path to complete an epic mountain bike ride.  Often times, trails are poorly marked or not marked at all.  Sometimes, the trail sign has been taken down or is just plain worn out so you cannot read the words.  When on  a mountain bike holiday, these are no longer worries because you have a guide who  knows the trail system extensively.  So the experience is all about enjoying the journey  instead  of  being concerned about getting lost and wasting time  finding the epic trail you are looking for.  In other words, you can keep on riding at a consistent pace without stopping to check your GPS.

2. I can't tell you have many times I have been on  mountain bike holidays where I have seen sights way off the beaten track.  Beautiful scenic vistas, primitive Indian rock drawings, vast canyons, aspen forests, colorful flower gardens, and seals basking in the sun  in the Pacific Ocean are just a few of the many sights that the mountain bike guides know how to find.  On a recent trip to Gooseberry Mesa in Utah, our amazing and skilled guide showed us a jeep that had been driven off the edge of the mesa many years ago and was so far down in the canyon that it was impossible to salvage either the driver or the vehicle.  And even more than all of this, the local guides know the best and most fun trails to keep everyone challenged and happy. 

3. You will never, ever be dropped off the back of a mountain bike holiday.   There is always a guide looking out for the last person and making sure that the group stays together.  With Wilderness First aid training, Sacred Rides guides are prepared for any mishap in the woods.  They carry a first aid kit and can turn a catastrophe into a controlled, well-managed situation.  They also carry all of the tools to keep the bikes shredding the trails after incidents like pinch flats, broken chains and faulty pedals.  You will feel safe out in the extreme wilderness on trails such as the Maah Daah Hey trail and the Canyonlands of Utah. 

4.  All the nitty, gritty details are taken care of.  You might wake up to your guide yelling "coffee" while smelling bacon cooking on the grill.  At lunchtime after a strenuous, exciting morning of riding , you might come upon a table miraculously set up with healthy, delicious food choices such as almond butter, sandwich fixings, and last but not least, dark chocolate wedges.  You might have carrot cake cooked in a dutch oven over a camp fire for dessert after a hearty dinner.  You might sleep in a local hotel designed with all of the latest local art  and stocked with local snacks and beverages.  You might be ready to bonk on a kickass ride when suddenly out of his camelback your guide produces a gummy worm energy snack to perk you up.  I could go on and on.  The point is you are fortunate enough to experience the local food and the local culture without lifting a finger.

There are more reasons to take guided mountain bike holidays, but maybe you should take one to see for yourself.    Sacred Rides has tours all over the world.  I look forward in the future to going to places like  Australia, Costa Rica, Alaska and Canada with their guides.  Or maybe you should just come to Virginia and ride with me on one of my Sacred Rides Adventures.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  See you on the trails soon!



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